Access all Features of with $APES

Access special features including AI price predictions, token marketing (token voting, commenting), or analytics (additional price charts), among others.

Membership is free, you only need to either hold 100,000  $APES (about 5$) or a GemApeClub NFT. You can buy $APES directly from Pancakeswap here.

The following table breaks out what you features you can access by holding how many tokens.

PREMIUM Membership:Holding 100,000 $APES in wallet
Access to commenting
Access to predictions
Voting (5x votes per click)

PLATIN Membership:Holding 1,000,000 $APES in wallet
Access to commenting
Access to predictions
Voting (10x votes per click)

To activate your membership, first get $APES token or a GAC NFT and then click on wallet connect in the header above to verify your account.

Buy GemApeClub NFT:  

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